You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.

John 15:16

Ministry in the Church of England

As you try to discern what it is that God may be calling you to, it’s important to consider all the possible options. Although this website is concerned primarily with ordained ministry – below is a range of options so that your exploration can be as informed as possible.





 Ordained ministers may be deacons or priests (also known as presbyters). Their work is to build up the Body of Christ in the Church and in the world through teaching, preaching and pastoral care. Priests are called to preside over the sacraments. It is a ministry of leadership and mission.

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Find out about the Church Army - an acknowledged Mission community within the Anglican Church. Church Army Evangelists are lay ministers who share the Christian faith through words and action and enable others to do the same..

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Readers are lay people who are called to serve the Church in a preaching, teaching and pastoral ministry. In some dioceses Readers are known by the alternative title of Licensed Lay Minister.  Readers are theologically trained to proclaim the Gospel and to lead worship.

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Some men and women are called to live what is known as the ‘Religious Life’, as a monk or a nun, a Franciscan friar or a sister. This way of life is diverse and ranges from the enclosed contemplative life through to the contemplative life in action

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