Ordained Ministry

Is God calling you to Ordained Ministry?

Most ordained ministers are priests (also called presbyters).

All those who are ordained spend a period of time, usually a year as a deacon before they are ordained into priestly orders. Some who are called to ordained ministry remain permanently as a deacon. Find out more about this here: Distinctive Diaconate

Priests build up the Body of Christ in the Church to serve the world by:

  • Celebrating the sacraments
  • Leading worship
  • Teaching and preaching
  • Pastoral care
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Presiding over a community
  • Pointing to the life of Christ

Priests serve in a variety of roles including:

  • Parish Ministry
  • Chaplaincy (Education, Prisons, NHS, The Forces etc)
  • Diocesan & National Responsibilities
  • Workplace based Ministry
  • Pioneering & Fresh Expression Ministry

Priests can have full-time or part-time ministerial roles. They can be paid a stipend, or work voluntarily. They can be called to serve in an Assistant or Leader capacity, in their local home context or deployed nationally.

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Are you called to Ordained Ministry?

If you think you may be called to ordained ministry read carefully the following information which explains what will be required of you.


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