Reading List

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Shorter Reading List for Enquirers

General Vocation – Called by God

John Adair: How to find your Vocation (Canterbury Press 2000)

Francis Dewar: Called or Collared? (new ed SPCK 2000)

Francis Dewar: Live for a Change (DLT 1999)

Margaret Magadalen: Vocation  (Grove Booklet S105, 2008)

Charles Richardson: This is our Calling (SPCK 2004)

Malcolm Torry (ed):Diverse Gifts (Canterbury Press 2006)


Ordained Ministry

Alan Billings: Making God Possible, The Task of Ordained Ministry (SPCK 2010)

Rosalind Brown: Being a Deacon Today (Canterbury Press 2005)

Cocksworth/Brown: Being a Priest Today (Canterbury Press 2002)

Stephen Croft: Ministry in Three Dimensions (DLT 1999)

George Guiver: The Fire and the Clay (SPCK 1993)

Lawson & Mursell: Hearing the Call   (SPCK, 2014)

John Pritchard: The Life and Work of a Priest (SPCK 2007)

Michael Ramsey: The Christian Priest Today (SPCK revised 1985)


Various Ministries/ Leadership

William Countryside Living on the Border of the Holy (Morehouse 1999)

Ruth Etchells: Set My People Free (Fount 1995)

Robin Greenwood & Caroline Pascoe: Local Ministry (SPCK 2006)

Gordon Kuhrt: Bridging the Gap – Reader Ministry Today (CHP 2002)

James Lawrence: Growing Leaders: Reflections on Leadership (CPAS 2004)

Rowling/Gooder: Reader Ministry Explored (SPCK 2009)

Isabel Losada: New Habits (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)

Anglican Religious Communities Year Book (Canterbury Press)



Alan Barlett A Passionate Balance (DLT 2007)

Mark Chapman: Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction (OUP 2006)

Coakley/Wells: Praying For England (Continuum 2008)

Richard Giles: How to be an Anglican (Canterbury Press 2003)

Samuel Wells: What Anglicans Believe (Canterbury Press, 2011)


Mission/Spirituality/Theology etc

Rob Bell: Velvet Elvis, Repainting the Christian Faith (Zondervan 2005)

Vincent Donovan: Christianity Rediscovered (SCM 1978)

Gerard Hughes: God of Surprises (BRF 1993)

Michael Mayne: This Sunrise of Wonder (DLT 2008)

John Pritchard: How to Pray (SPCK 2002)

John Pritchard: Living Faithfully (SPCK, 2013)

Mission Shaped Church & Associated Reports (CHP 2004)

Timothy Radcliffe: Why go to Church? (Continuum 2008)



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